As a part of our membership process, Shriners International requires that you complete a background investigation before your petition may be accepted by the temple.  The cost for this check is $18.95 and is the responsibility of the person petitioning the temple.  If at any time you wish to withdraw your petition from consideration by the temple, prior to it being formally received by the temple, please notify them.  In that event, your petition and completed background check will either be returned to you, or destroyed, at your option.  By providing this information electronically, it can be safely and securely transmitted to our background check vendor instantly.  This enhanced process can remove days of waiting from the overall process.

After you submit your application you will receive an email with a link and directions for the background check.


Shriners International is a Fraternity which teaches ethics and morality. We welcome men of every color, creed, religion, sect, and opinion, but each candidate for Shriners International must be willing to profess his belief in a Supreme Being. No atheist can become a Shriner. The essential purpose of Shriners International is the further development of the individual Shriner as an honest, ethical, moral, sincere, caring, and charitable man, learning more about his own potential as a human being and developing his intellectual and spiritual character.




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