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Potentate's Message

Nobles, Ladies and Families:
I cannot believe 2023 has passed and we are starting 2024! First and foremost , I want to say thank you all for your confidence and trust. Lady Kim and I are very excited for this New Year. We cannot do this alone and with your help and guidance this will be an incredible year.
I have to say a huge Thank You to Past Potentate Illustrious Sir Eddie Butler and First Lady Holly. I am so glad you allowed us to tag along with you throughout the last year and learn and prepare for this upcoming year.
As I look forward to 2024, I want us to continue with the momentum we have built. We will grow membership and take care of our kids. This year will be about “Taking care of our kids and having fun doing it!”. I really want to build on fellowship, as I have been in Scimitar for over 15 years, I really enjoy sitting around and hearing Noble Wayne and Lady Joan Launius, Past Potentate Charles and Lady Ruth, and Past Potentate Dennis Stevens talking about what they did at CSSA, SCSA and Imperial back in the day. I want us to build those relationships and tell those stories years from now.
Throughout this year there are a lot of upcoming events. Installation of Officers on January 6, then February 3 we have the Valentine's dance and before you know it will be June and we will be on a Potentate's cruise to Mexico, I hope to see everyone on the high seas. Lady Kim and I look forward to serving you and working with you all this year. We have worked hard to prepare for this year, and I know this will be an incredible year. Again, thank you all for your vote of confidence.
“We will do more in 2024”
Yours in Faith
Illustrious Sir Rick Brandon

What we are about

Shriners International is a Fraternity which teaches ethics and morality. We welcome men of every color, creed, religion, sect, and opinion, but each candidate for Shriners International must be willing to profess his belief in a Supreme Being. No atheist can become a Shriner. The essential purpose of Shriners International is the further development of the individual Shriner as an honest, ethical, moral, sincere, caring, and charitable man, learning more about his own potential as a human being and developing his intellectual and spiritual character.

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